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--- Quote from: makya on May 17, 2024, 06:17:28 pm ---
--- Quote from: grendelrt on May 17, 2024, 02:26:58 pm ---Hoping this is the best place to ask general questions :) I am just trying to learn to read the logs and understand some things.  Based on my monitor choice, Nanao 2930/2931 I should be good for 15khz from 192 to 288 @50-65hz, I tried a neo geo game that was 224@59hz, but when it generates the modes, it starts directly at 240 instead,  so I went back to VMMaker and read the generated modes and saw 224 was missing from the list. I then checked the super resolution file and noticed 224 is not in the list there which is what I am using to generate. Is there a reason there are no 224 modes in the super resolution ini?

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The reason is there is no need for a 224 mode (except maybe to see the speed display [F11]).

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Why would you want to scale 224 to 240 when you arent scaling other resolutions, sorry I guess I dont understand whats different with 224 vs everything else.

GM does not scale 224 to 240, it displays 224 lines leaving the 16 remaining ones "black"


--- Quote from: makya on May 18, 2024, 11:08:47 am ---GM does not scale 224 to 240, it displays 224 lines leaving the 16 remaining ones "black"

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Ahhh gotcha, that makes more sense, thanks!

Please someone could suggest me a GPU that is fully compatible with GM with Switchres 2.x

I comes from the HD 5450 and i cant istall the last GM.

Better if its GPU that is easy to find online also used.

Best regards!

What happens when you try to install GM?
I also have a 5450 and just experienced a hard drive crash, so I'm about to reinstall GM (just as soon as 0.266 is available). I'll let you know if I also encounter issues.


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