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Author Topic: Help with problem with MTC-900e display  (Read 717 times)

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Help with problem with MTC-900e display
« on: September 08, 2019, 04:50:36 pm »
I have a 20" display on my mame cab with a MTC-900e chassis on it.  The computer inside has an arcade VGA card from ultimarc (must be at least 10 years old.  It is AGP) which connects to a j-pac and then to the jamma loom.

Havent used the cab much but decided I would try to add some more emulators to it, such as c64.  I was copying some stuff from the USB last week which was taking a while and when I checked it, the screen was all wavy like in the first video (trimmed one).  I shut it down and booted it back up and it was OK.  It did it again a day or so later but again came back.

Saturday I was again copying some files over and left it going while I went out.  When I came back the display was black (presumably the PC had shut the monitor off) and I couldnt get it to come back so I switched off and on.  When it came back on, the screen was as in the first image (1) and would not come back.  I have tried numerous times and still the same.  I have tried adjusting the RV13 H Freq on the board which did make it better as far the picture was better but still scrambling as shown in the second image (2).

It seems to me the issue must either be the video card, the j-pac or the chassis.  The j-pac has botht he yellow and the green LEDs on which I think means it is getting the corrext signal from the graphics card but not sure.

Would be good if someone can advise how I can identify where the problem is (I dont have any spares of any of those components to swap them in).  Also, if it looks like the chassis, is there any adjustment I can try and if it is failed componnts, where I should look on the board.

I am also wondering if I should maybe change the CRT for an LCD display but not sure what that would involve.  Should I still use the arcade VGA card (I think not) and how would I set it up to get the proper display for games, ie but blocky.