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Golden Tee 2005 testing

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hi Shawn, purchased and installed new flash and 2.9 eeprom. same error message removed board and checked all solder connections for corrosion. board is meticulously clean.  here is a pic of error. what could it be???

maybe a chip, maybe security chip???

so can anyone help me with this.

hold down the start button on the control panel and power on the game...this will enter a test mode where you can more intimately test the system. perhaps you have some other hardware issue... double check your +5v rail and make sure it's not too low or too high.

5v good. no corrosion on board. all ic's repressed. all contact wires cleaned and reinstalled. both drives, new flash and old hard drive gets the same message. new 2.09 installed. tells me my old hard drive was still good. behind coin door I have two buttons. one says service and other says test. my start button does nothing. reset button on middle of green board resets when pressed. always get same message i've shown in pic. if I remove ide drives it errors out and says no ide found like it should, otherwise it sees both the ide drive and modem as you can see in pic.


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