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Golden Tee 2005 testing

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hi shawn, besides the eeprom 2.09 is there another boot chip?? the fact that it says boot file corrupt perhaps security chip went bad and its not allowing it to load up. across the display it says last updated 8/26/2012 the serial number and then some notes about the game. maybe this was a special game that needed to be updated by the company??

the eagle boot rom chip has just a preliminary bootloader to get the thing going, then the IDE takes over with the rest of the boot and the OS and game.... you are getting past that part and getting to IDE file system checks and starting to load the OS and game part. you should be good to go. but something is still amiss.

grasping at straws, try changing the IDE data cable if you haven't already...and there could always be something wrong with the gameboard itself.

maybe shoot Incredible technologies's tech support a call. (847) 870-7027 or an e-mail "support AT itsgames DOT com". they are a super friendly bunch whenever I call them an have usually had 100 people call about a similar issue so i'm sure they can be like yep it's bla bla bla.

thanks shawn, they helped a lot. went over everything I did and bottom line is board is bad. they said probably a bad trace on the circuit board.  goes thru everything including tests the goes to hard drive and hangs up loading the program. since I have both ide hard drive and direct connect flash drives and both don't work they surmise board is bad. now to look for replacement.  they said I can go as far as the complete 2006 and I can use my complete body.

where are you located? I may be able to source a board for you. this was a green board yes?

I had the same thing happening on one of my red boards but ended up being a failed base memory chip. I just replaced them one at a time until it booted. It took me ages to find it but was stoked when it fired up

PS. If anyone is willing to part with a complete board or just a replacement security chip please send me a message. Have had a complete board for last few years which Iíve nailed it down to a failed u53 :((


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