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This is my review of Bartop Arcade Kit from GameRoomSolutions.

For my new tabletop build I have decided to buy basic kit from Game Room Solutions (GRS) instead of buying wood, measuring, cutting, etc. I have to say that this was against most of the recommendations here on this forum (I had a separate topic asking for some). I had few pre-sales questions that Ryan from GRS answered same day via e-mail. Next day (Tuesday), I have placed the order. Package arrived Friday. All parts were packed neatly with enough padding so nothing got damaged. I did see some old posts with photos showing bad quality cuts so I have to admit that I was a bit scary to open the package. To my surprise every piece was perfect with no bad cuts or peeling melamine. Package included all wooden pieces plus hardware to assemble it. Instructions are available on YouTube and provided by GRS. I think this is a lot better than wasting paper Ikea style plus the assembly is not complicated so one glance at the video is enough to put the kit together.

Were there any problems? Not really. The control panel came as 2 player version when I have ordered 1 player but Ryan shipped the replacement free next day and it arrived in a couple of days. Other than that, there was a small chip on one of the panels but only one for all the panels that the kit consists of so not a big deal. I know how "chippy" melamine is since I built a walking closet out of it and couldn't avoid chips even with my careful cutting and assembly. So, no problems that I could complain about.

Overall, I am very happy with the purchase and would recommend it. I can't imaging how much time I would spend building the cabinet from scratch and how many mistakes I could make that would need a rework.

See photos of the kit right out of the box. I will start another topic of the actual build to let you know what's the quality of the cuts and if the cam lock hardware is up to the task.

Mike A:

--- Quote ---To my surprise every piece was perfect
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---The control panel came as 2 player version when I have ordered 1 player
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---there was a small chip on one of the panels
--- End quote ---

perfect? :dunno

Really? Did you check the price of the kit before quoting few of my sentences? For $85 shipped, one chip in melamine is still perfect in my opinion. Control panel issue is logistics (packing) and since it was resolved to my satisfaction (I did not even had to return the 2 version panel), it is not a problem to me. If it is to you, just skip GRS kit then. I had more problems with orders and packages from Amazon than with this purchase.

Mike A:
You don't know what perfect means. Stop using that word.

Mike A:

It is also not 85 dollars shipped the way you have it configured. Why all of the dishonesty?

double sided black melamine adds 20 bucks to the price.

The cam lock system adds 35 dollars.


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