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Game Room Solutions basic tabletop kit

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You have started attacking me for one word I have used. Sorry Mr. Perfect but not everybody's native language is English. All I wanted to express in this review was that the GRS kit is a good one and that I was happy with my purchase even though almost all replies on this forum to my previous post were praising another company's product and claiming that what I was about to purchase was crap. Go an quote me few more times. I do not care. It is not worth it.

So what DID you pay???

Mike A:
If your misuse of the word "perfect" was due to a language barrier than I can understand that.

But why lie about the price of the kit?

Mike A:
The kit as he has it configured would cost like 140 dollars. If you want the acrylic monitor bezel, I think they rip you for like 35 dollars more.

Haruman packs the kits better than that and there still some chipping, nature of the beast with melamine and I wouldnt knock GRS's kits for it.  The price thing is interesting though.  How much did you actually pay, and was there any sort of discount for providing a review? There's absolutely nothing wrong with receiving a discount to do a review, so long as the review is still honest.

Im assuming you bought the $85 base model, so what options did you add? GSR does seem to nickle and dime you for everything.


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