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Hey everyone I have few questions/issues about this great plugin:

1) Is it only an interface to feed our wheels information that came from the original game OR did the programmer add new information to provide force feedback where there originally was none? Let me give an example. Say in the arcade, RaceGame1 only had return to center on the wheel. You would never feel anything if you went over a bump or crashed. But now you've installed this plugin. Will it remain only return to center or will it provide rumble effects for crashes, bumps etc?

2) Did Cruis'n USA originally have force feedback (with rumble effects, bumps crashes etc) or just return the wheel to center? That would probably answer my first question.

3) I THINK I've got the plugin working on the normal mame exe. But I can't get it to work with arcade64.exe. Any help please? Thank you.


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