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--FFB Arcade Plugin--


Version 0.1


Created by Boomslangnz, Ducon2016 & Spazzy.


This is a plugin to provide Force Feedback and Rumble to various arcade games. Initially this was a small project
to add FFB to Daytona Championship USA and it grew from there to support several more games and rumble was added.
While best efforts were made to try to resemble the real arcade force feedback.


- Reaver from Teknoparrot . Huge thanks to Reaver for supplying code necessary for some games & general force feedback,
extremely generous.


- Jackchen for his Daytona Championship USA FFB work at beginning of year.


- Howard Castro for help on game FFB code. Always helpful and a big reason this plugin was ever made


- Everyone who helps and gives back to this awesome scene. Thanks for everything!


--Supported Games--


-Afterburner Climax (Rumble only) [opengl32.dll into Teknoparrot folder]


-Battle Gear 4 Tuned (Japan version v2.07) [d3d9.dll into game exe folder]


-ChaseHQ 2 [d3d9.dll into game exe folder]


-Daytona Championship USA (FFB modification by Jackchen required, Disable x360ce FFB!) [dinput8.dll into game exe folder]


-Ford Racing [dinput8.dll into game exe folder]


-Initial D4 [opengl32.dll into Teknoparrot folder]


-Initial D6 [dinput8.dll into game exe folder]


-Initial D7 [dinput8.dll into game exe folder]


-Initial D8 [dinput8.dll into game exe folder]


-Machstorm (Rumble only) [xinput1_3.dll into game exe folder]


-Mario Kart GP DX (Version 1.00 & version 1.10) [dinput8.dll into game exe folder]


-Pokken Tournament (Rumble only) [dinput8.dll into game exe folder]


-Sega Racing Classic [dinput8.dll into game exe folder]


-Sega Rally 3 [dinput8.dll into game exe folder]


-Wacky Races [d3d9.dll into game exe folder]


-Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5 (Update 5) [d3d11.dll into game exe folder]


--How to use--


Place the main dll file, SDL2.dll & FFBPlugin.ini into game folder for most games. For Teknoparrot Lindbergh
games place opengl32.dll, SDL2.dll into Teknoparrot folder & FFBPlugin.ini into same folder as elf file for each game.

ini file contains settings to adjust for each game


GameId= **GameId for code to identify game, also has a test FFB mode,-1 for Constant test ,-2 for
Sine test, -3 for Friction test, -4 for Spring test, -5 for Heavy test or -6 for loose test**


MinForce= **Minimum FFB force with 0 being lowest value available**


MaxForce= **Maximum FFB force with 100 being highest value available**


DeviceGUID= **Set Device GUID to connect to specific wheel or controller**


EnableRumble= **Turn Off (0) if your wheel supports rumble effect. For controllers, turn on (1)**


Logging= **Turn On (1) to allow log.txt to be made to log plugin. Device GUID is given in here**


ResetFeedback= **When a command is set that contradicts a prior command, clear the prior command. Should stay as 1**


FeedbackLength= **Length of a feedback command**


DefaultCentering= **If a game does not specify its own Centering force then a default centering can be applied here.
If a game has any of its own such forces,these values will be overwritten immediately in-game. Use -1 to disable**


DefaultFriction= **If a game does not specify its own Friction force then a default friction can be applied here.
If a game has any of its own such forces,these values will be overwritten immediately in-game. Use -1 to disable**


BeepWhenHook= **Beep should occur if dll is hooked by executable when turned on (1)**


Download!8FchzKpT!eLDJdWhkJHm1nx-7NNW9l63hPy0sXTVGRjVEwxGMX_U 0.6a version

Awesome work, and much respect for your efforts on this! These projects are always great to see. I'm not even using FFB wheels right now, but when I'm rich and famous i will, and it will be great :)

It works on controllers too

is there any way I can play Daytona Championship USA with my old  genius trio racer f1   :'(

Looks like that wheel has no force feedback so no it won't work with this plugin


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