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I have been adding pc racers as of late; redout 2, smurfs, horizon chase, etc and using the joytokey or antimicro x apps to map the games keyboard controls to wheel. And it works brilliantly. Except ffb does not work. Ever. On any of these games. For unsupported games I use the 64 bit spring effect from Boomslangz pack and have copied the files over and setup the guid but no ffb applies. I don't understand why. Does anyone have any ideas?

So, if I'm understanding, the games don't have native wheel support and therefore don't have ffb. But, using the apps, you are able to get the steering wheel to work. Do those games support xbox controllers and rumble? If so, you can use 'wheel2xinput' which allows you to map your steering wheel as an xinput device. And it will provide ffb as long as the game provides native rumble to the controller. And this rumble can be adjusted within the wheel2xinput to provide a pretty satisfying ffb effect.

I never thought of using wheel2xinput for pc games but that is certainly a consideration. It wouldn't be any trouble at all to test it.


--- Quote from: MotownC on April 07, 2024, 10:28:10 am ---For those following the ffb plugin, there has been a fork to Boom's great plugin by a user MightyMike. His recent releases include ffb for Fast 'n Furious, FnF Drift, FnF Supercars.

--- End quote ---

Why is the "MAME 64bit Outputs" folder missing files?

Why did Boomslang releases stop at version

Last week I went to play California Speed (using the latest versions of MAME and FFB), I noticed that FFB gave some "hiccups" even when the cart wasn't touching anything. Doing some tests I saw that this problem originates in the FFB plugin version I concluded that the last best combination for Cal Speed is MAME 0.257 and FFB I think it's possible that this problem could also be present in some other game, but I'm not sure. I hope this information can help someone.

EDIT: In this test I used the Logitech G29 steering wheel. I will soon test the Thrustmaster T300.


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