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Animation in MaLa IS possible!

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OK, so the 'animation' in MaLa is pretty pathetic, right? Well, using a carefully designed layout and multiple layers, decent animation can be achieved. The link below is a vid of my 'Hit the Arcade!' vertical layout. Notice I was also able to make the game list look like it's behind the overlaid graphics (of Kong etc.) and put rounded corners on the marquee display. I got inspiration from one of Mike Boss's layouts I saw - hope you don't mind, Mike?!  :) I actually made this a while ago but thought I'd post now just to see what you guys think.

mike boss:
I think that looks incredible.
The getting the gameslist to appear behind stuff I know.
But the effects you achieved with Stanley and flame on the bomb.
Awesome !

I think I need pointers from you.

Top shelf work !

I like it a lot. Makes me want to finally switch over to mala.

Thanks guys. It was quite a lot of hard work, but worth it in the end, I think. I can zip this all up and post it, if anyone else wants to use it?

Looks great 😀 I would be tempted to give it a try if you posted it.
I have run into trouble trying to get the game preview videos working on my PC with MaLa in the past installed divx codec but no go I would try again though.

ATM I'm using John's Arcade layout on both my vertical and horizontal cabs and I like how they match.
If I could have yours in vertical and horiz and display game play count I would probably swap both cabs to your layout.

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