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Animation in MaLa IS possible!

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It's awesome!!!!!!

Could you shared it? I would like take a look!

Thanks in advance.

mike boss:
I think I've watched the video three times trying to think on how you created the layout.
I'd love to see the zip files and understand how you put it all together.
Honestly, it would help me be better at what I do.

I look forward to taking a look.

And again, good on you, top shelf work. Looks AMAZING.
You've added a layer of depth to MaLa I've never seen.

Wow, thanks guys. :) Here's a download to take a look. I think I've included everything, but let me know if I've missed something. You will need to set your desktop - or run MaLa - in 688x512 res, BTW.

I spent some time and added a moving Intellivision guy. Thanks for the idea.

Nice little running man anim, there.


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