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High Score Competition rules and scoreboard

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Thanks, Token! I missed that.  A bit of a problem...I got this when updating:

The following error or errors occurred while posting this message:
The message exceeds the maximum allowed length (25000 characters).

So, here's 2016 competition. How do I move this post to be right under the top one?

---2016 competition starts---
#182: Maniac Square    1st - acvieluf, 2nd - yamatetsu, 3rd - Token
#183: Boogie Wings     1st - yamatetsu, 2nd - JDFan, 3rd - acvieluf
#184: Donkey Kong 3    1st - Leapinlew, 2nd - yamatetsu, 3rd - acvieluf

edit: fixed


--- Quote from: popsicle on February 16, 2016, 08:17:08 pm ---How do I move this post to be right under the top one?

--- End quote ---

How about I move your post here to this thread?

Pretty sure it would land in the second position for your editing pleasure.


Thanks PL1, I fixed it by adding that 1-99 link myself to the top post in this thread.  Buys me another 2 years of space :)

Well, this is long overdue. Congratulations to WakiMiko for winning the 2015 BYOAC Hi Score Competition  :applaud:

Props to yamatetsu for coming in (an extremely close) second place.

Wow, you even (almost) matched the font & everything on the plaque!  :applaud:


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