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High Score Competition rules and scoreboard

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I think it was to combat the winner choosing another game they're good at, chaining games they have a higher chance of winning the comp with.
I think it's a fine balancing rule.

This was discussed in the first competition thread this year (#156, Barrier).

If you are interested, take a look here :,143026.msg1484357.html#msg1484357.

Mimic has been living under a rock for 2015!  =O  :]



--- Quote from: popsicle on January 04, 2015, 01:03:21 pm ---
---2016 competition starts---
#182: Maniac Square    1st - acvieluf, 2nd - yamatetsu, 3rd - Token
#183: Donkey Kong 3    1st - Leapinlew, 2nd - yamatetsu, 3rd - acvieluf

--- End quote ---

#183 was Boogie Wings. DK3 was #184.

Oh, makes sense. I stopped following these,  so I wasn't aware of the change.


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