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Thanks for the patch! Love it, but do have two tiny verctical black lines on the sides of the screen, not sure why.

I figured it out... really love this mod thanks!   


--- Quote from: isamu on August 31, 2022, 02:47:50 pm ---Can anyone break down the differences between all the Daytona USA rom hacks out there? I'm talking the ones that add various things to the original game. To my knowledge, we have:

Daytona USA '93 Edition
Daytona USA Saturn Ads(this one is self explanitory)
Daytona USA Special Edition
Daytona USA To the Maxx
Daytona USA GTX 2004
Daytona USA Turbo

--- End quote ---

In multiplayer to disable rubber banding all players can hold all 4 view buttons as they select the track

To play the tracks in reverse the only option is to literally just turn around and do it. The game will register time extensions and laps etc correctly, so in TT mode its actually brilliant and Advance and Expert are much much harder backwards. While doing this the slight auto car straightening is gone, after about 10 seconds it removes the "REVERSE" message and the time will be marked on leaderboards with an "R" symbol. (Downhill hairpin at the Light-house is a nightmare on expert)

93, Saturn, Special Edition just have small gfx updates etc
- As far as I know/can figure out small things like speed font etc change. In one of them the RPM meter constantly reads higher but makes no difference in game (you will have to adjust for super start etc tho)

Turbo A or B add turbo feature on start button and the big wheels
- Im not sure on the minor differences but I never played too much of these ones. Big wheels seem to make wall contact very dangerous.

To the MAXXX adds many in game features and is my favourite (8 lap beginner is a crazy fast ride).
- Start is a turbo button, it changes depending on your gear tho. Can achieve around 1000kph I remember on Beginner riding the wall with sub 5 laps
- Red button now cycles through 6 views (2 extra higher views)
- Blue is a rear view button
- Yellow is "MAXXX", travel at 350kph basically no matter what and you can drive through cpu cars. It last about 15 seconds I believe, there is a gauge down the bottom that you can build up making it available more than once a race.
- Green toggles a ghost car of the last race

GTX 2004 is the one with the car mods etc
- I have always meant to play this and never have, from what I can see you can upgrade a few main areas of your car speed, grip, accel etc.
- There is prob a bit more to it but Im unsure sorry.


Daytona 2 and Power Edition with SuperModel are decent but actually lost a bit instead of getting better I feel.

Daytona 2001 on Dreamcast has extra cars and tracks and suits a wheel perfectly with the 1 exception be no FFB. Emulated this a really good option though for some extra content and Silver Ocean Speedway is the only track missing from original Daytona ports. but you can do all tracks in mirror, reverse or mirror-reverse properly too, with individual boards even iirc.
- My only issues with this game are no FBB and all the extra tracks are BEGINNER to ADVANCE level at most.

Sega Racing Classic I see as not really worth it when you have M2 emu already

Daytona Championship USA (2017) looks really nice but again no new tracks, 3 mirrors with no textures but mirror sucks as its literally the exact same track and racing line.

Also take a standard arcade stick and mount it 45 degrees out of normal alignment, you now have a very cheap 4 speed shifter.
(you can even make a restrictor plate and use a spring to force it to stay in a corner/gear too)

In Daytona if you press the four view buttons at the track select screen, a little white dot will appear in the top left of your screen. This enables tire wear and disables catch up/handicap mode (which allows all cars behind the leader to catch up). You basically need to pit every couple of laps to keep your car from spinning out because the tires wear out way too fast. But disabling the handicap mode is great. If there was a way to disable handicap but not have tire wear. Imagine how much better this would make the game. Somebody like Nuexzz could probably do this


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