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I think I'd like to build Twin Daytona Cabs for my next game room project build. This site has been a fantastic resource over the years. Im trying to get the it up running on Nebula on my PC. Im running a Dell optiplex 7010 with 1030 graphics card. Overkill maybe but might want to add other games as well and the cab graphics would be daytona. If anyone could help me get it up and running as a starting point I'd really appreciate it. I've been able to get Nebula 225b up and running, but not with Daytona. Thanks for any help!

Can I get a good download link?  I really want this but the access to the file is locked.  Thanks.


Thank you!  I really appreciate it.

Can anyone break down the differences between all the Daytona USA rom hacks out there? I'm talking the ones that add various things to the original game. To my knowledge, we have:

Daytona USA '93 Edition
Daytona USA Saturn Ads(this one is self explanitory)
Daytona USA Special Edition
Daytona USA To the Maxx
Daytona USA GTX 2004
Daytona USA Turbo

....OK so I think I remember that Turbo, To the Maxx and GTX 2004 all add turbo to the game, but AFAICR one of them added some "RPG-like" elements to the game, allowing you to upgrade the Horner. I think there's also one that allows you to pick other vehicles as well.

So, which ones do what? Do any of them allow you to race the tracks in reverse? If not, is there a cheat out there that allows you to play the game normally but with reverse tracks?


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