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--- Quote ---This is a simple patch for the "GREAT EMULATOR" By ElSemi SEGA Model 2 Emulator. v1.1a

Daytona USA ++ Patch - Modding and Hacks by Nuexzz (c) 2013
    *Patch* (settings available in the user interface)
-Enable support for Xbox360 compatible devices
-Enable/Disable force feedback
-custom screen resolution (recommend using same as desktop)
-Enable/Disable HD textures (the emulator does not respond for 1 minute because the HD textures take longer to load.)
-works with all romsets and versions of Daytona USA
-ESC key now closes emulator   
-Maximize button now switches to fullscreen

-add 20 cars to choose from (CPU cars)
-add the twin panoramic attract mode (originally for 4 linked cabs) now you can have it in single mode (also all cab types - deluxe, twin, uplight,special)
-add four new points of view + options are zoom out/ - options are zoom in
-add interactive selection of tracks and cars
-add night mode (makes the sky black for now)
-add enabled/disabled widesreen (16:9) in windowed mode and also in fullscreen
-add infinite time on all tracks
-add enabled/disabled tilemaps (movie mode)

The contents of this pack is my authorship and / or a compilation from various sources.



--- End quote ---

BadMouth a thank you in the language helped me because I'm from Argentina :notworthy:

Fantastic. I might go out in the cold just to play this on my cab. Thanks for the great work!!!.

Quick Update: A) its colder outside than I thought B) You did a great job. I got it up an running right away. The HD textures look great. I tried a few settings like (nighttime, rumble, diff car and diff camera) and they all worked well. Load time does take about a minute but, I see that the reason is the HD textures. Also if you crash, you can start to see the original 41 Hornet textures underneath if you choose a different car but, I imagine that is going to happen since you are overlaying the textures.

Thanks Again. I hope its warmer tomorrow so I can truly appreciate it.


--- Quote from: SegaOutrun on February 01, 2014, 12:10:36 am --- if you crash, you can start to see the original 41 Hornet textures underneath if you choose a different car

--- End quote ---

I'm still investigating the problem. but I would love to publish this work I hope to fix it ;)

Awesome, well done. Looks like 2014 has started well for model 2 emulation.

Could somebody report back on if this mod has any negative effect on a linked game. ie flickering objects, lagging etc.


Awesome work! Gonna try this on my model2/pc cabinet tonight :)


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