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Banana Royale (Pac Man Battle Royale Redesign Contest)

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Le Chuck:
There is nothing better than Banana Royale. Just wait. You'll see!

Oh, and I don't think a pill redesign is necessary as its hard to copyright a yellow circle. Can that be optional?

This is really awesome.  Would it be at all possible to have your program read the images from a folder upon start-up?  That way folks could customize the game as they see fit.

Thanks for doing this.   :applaud:

Very cool idea for this contest.  It would also be super cool to make the game skinnable so users could have a bunch of different themes to select from on the fly.  Obviously you'd probably have to have a more generic name for the game like "Pellet Plunder" or something that wasn't theme specific... just thinking out loud here.  Either way great work so far!


--- Quote from: Sjaak on September 19, 2012, 09:00:17 am ---I'm thinking Alien Royale: Your alien ufo spacecraft is stranded on earth and you're being chased by generic men in black costumes. Abduct a cow to power up your spaceship and destroy the other aliens.

--- End quote ---

Steven Spielberg called.  He wants E.T. back.   ;D

This contest should be a ton of fun for the forum.  Great stuff.

And I am just guessing, since the point of this is to not infringe on copyright, that all designs need to be original to qualify. So no Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Sewer Royale, as well as no using the sprites from an old NES game and plopping them in as-is.

--- Quote from: thatpurplestuff on September 19, 2012, 11:44:40 am ---Obviously you'd probably have to have a more generic name for the game like "Pellet Plunder"

--- End quote ---

how about "Period Munchers"  ;D


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