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Nice! I've done some work with plastics, but I gleaned some good bits of info here! Thanks!  :applaud:

Happy to help guys.

This is my attempt to make up for the info I have gathered from the forum.

Another good trick I forgot to include.

You can use the protective paper as a mask for painting. If you  use a glass cutter

You can cut the paper without marking the acrylic.

Thanks for the great tips!  :applaud: I will certainly be referencing this post in the future.

Great info.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.  :applaud: :applaud:


--- Quote from: kahlid74 on March 29, 2012, 10:10:12 am ---Great thread, thanks for sharing.  Is there anyway this can get stickied perhaps in a relevant forum?  Maybe woodworking?

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Stickied!  :cheers:


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