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Excellent topic & knowledge!

What's the best place for an amateur to view & source plastics locally? IE: Where do I look at in the yellow pages to find a place where I can view the different translucency/colors available, where they'll tolerate a n00b with a small parts order? There's a place called Meyer Plastics almost next door to my home but I always feel strange tieing up peoples time with review/small orders. Is there someplace better?

Sorry for the slow reply. I can't help as I am in Australia but go the the place you mentioned and ask to see a set of sample chips and you should be able to sort yourself out.

Hi Selfie,

I live in Brisbane and I plan to make my cabinet out of clear plastic and use lens on the inside for lighting.
Id like to do as much as possible myself, is there anywhere I could access use of a line bending machine for a reasonable price please??


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