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be on the lookout for a USB adapter that supports Wavebird.
im dying for some wireless action on the cab ;D

the wavebird isn't really friendly to any games other than the ones made by nintendo go get a logitech wireless cause that dpad cant do crap

see, i love my wavebird, and haven't experienced any type of problems with third party games at all. in fact, i think it works better for games like madden and ikaruga much better than my other controller. another question, is there a gamecube vga box out there to use? i would love to add super monkey ball to my cabinet 8)

you can buy a hacked component cable online that does straight vga but you gotta get them from hong kong

if you got a component cable pick up a transcoder from

get the standalone one plug in the component cables on one end and plug in the vga on the other it looks perfect

btw Do you got an analog joystick on your cab???


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