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yup, a reverse flight stick hack: used the base of the flight stick with the handle of a competiton, tho i had to have the handle fitted by a freind who works in plastics

its not functional at all in non-anolog games but for psone and n64 it handles very nicely

lemme see if i can find a link to the stick i used


--- Quote from: jakejake28 on August 19, 2003, 12:53:17 am --- another question, is there a gamecube vga box out there to use? i would love to add super monkey ball to my cabinet 8)

--- End quote ---
As BombProofPlane mentioned, you can get VGA out of the GameCube (native) by using a hacked cable (similar to how the DC works).  You don't need a transcoder.

Now the down side, more than half the GameCube games do not support 480P, Super Monkey Ball being one of them (SMB2 may support it though).

awe, shucks... i just realized that i cant have my analog hooked up to my gc as well as my pc :-\ guess i'll discard that idea.


if this is a arcade monitor that shouldn't matter as arcade monitors can sync down to 15khz

i mentioned the transcoder because i didn't think he wanted to buy a cable from hong kong

alright, well, i'll look into that bit... does anyone else think this forum is a really great idea? this'll save half the main forum's "clutter" itself, y'think?


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