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Switchres is a modeline generator that uses the algorithms from Calamity to calculate Arcade monitor modelines depending on your monitor type and specs.  It actually can calculate modelines for VGA and SVGA monitors too, or even LCD monitors.  Also Switchres can run any emulator with the modeline it generates in Linux and Windows, so you can actually try out the modeline live.  You need ATI cards to do this currently, and in Windows you need custom modelines setup for switchres to modify.

Switchres has been merged into Mame, although still useful for other emulators.  This thread mostly is just technical discussion on modelines for running mame with, history of development of groovymame. - Switchres homepage with more information

Thanks for writing this. I am eager to try it once my arcadeVGA arrives.

Just one question, how do you know what the min and max values should be? I'll be using a PAL tv.


--- Quote from: Quinny on October 07, 2010, 07:41:36 am ---Thanks for writing this. I am eager to try it once my arcadeVGA arrives.

Just one question, how do you know what the min and max values should be? I'll be using a PAL tv.

--- End quote ---

for a PAL TV it takes the -pal argument (lrmc and the shell script).  Really the min/max values probably don't need to be used for the most part.  I use the min vertical height value for example on the d9800 because games lrmc can calculate 224 height on them or less than 240 basically which doesn't turn out so well on an arcade monitor (at least the d9800 it doesn't).  Also anything above 800x600 on a d9800 is no going to work, so I use those as the max values (defaults I set because most arcade situations won't use anything above that).  So you probably don't have to mess with those values at all, and if you see resolutions produced that don't work well because of being too high/low for those values then you can set those limits to avoid them.

Also note I just uploaded a new version because I realized the default resolution needed to change for different monitors, like a PAL TV.  This is the resolution it falls back on for games like Frogger Galaxian which have really crazy vertical resolutions (768) and basically just need to fall back onto something like 640x480@60 Hz.  So now it adapts to the default for each monitor type, and also the default can be changed on the command line now too.  So this should work for a PAL/NTSC TV better now, definitely interested in the results and any thing I need to fix to make it work on those if it has problems.

Version 0.06 - I added a cabmame.diff file which can patch the current version of mame with the cabmame hacks and include Linux support.  The frogger/galaxian patch can be utilized from that patch now with the -ff option to lrmc to handle all the games with those odd 224x768 resolutions.  Also I was able to fix a ton of resolutions where instead of going to 640x480 it can calculate a good resolution with the same vertical height as the original.  This helps games like Tron when you have a WG d9800 and can display a resolution of 688x512@57.14 and it looks better, also with the frogger/galaxian patch now galaxian can play nice without the refresh issues at 400x256@57.36.  Now the only resolutions it resorts to using unevenstretch/keepaspect instead of native monitor resolution and the given default res (640x480@60 by default for WG9800 monitors) are the ones which are way larger than your given maximum width/width (defaults to 800x600).

Hi, thanks for your patches and improvements in Genres, I wanted to ask if this genre to implement real arcade monitors as HANTAREX or otherwise you're just applying it to the Wells Gardner, which would be an optimum configuration for Hantarex?

With regard to the diff, you could explain more what they actually do? I have understood the implemented improvements cabmame.diff cleanstretch emuspeed resolution (resolved or additions would be problems in sdlmame Syncrefresh and waitvsync?).
With nativeres.diff would leave only select their original resolution?
Parameters that would need the mame.ini with new patches?



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