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--- Quote from: Vantier on February 11, 2021, 10:44:33 am ---Hi. I'd like to test the latest standalone build for win32 x86_64 but the automatic builds are all expired and I had no luck compiling it. Anyone can post it, please?
Thank you. 

--- End quote ---

Here you go.

Very Thank you, Calamity!

Hello all,

I'm wondering why when i use super resolutions and mame xml's resolutions the screen shows the right resolution of the game and switchres do the same

but when i only use super resolutions (like the guide of geedorah)

 "The value 2560x0 denotes that the super resolutions method is being used. Here, a width of 2560 pixels is forced for all games, while the 0 acts as a wildcard for the vertical resolution (that is, the number of lines), so Groovy MAME will be free to pick the most convenient height from the ones available, applying integer scaling whenever possible. "

so, for me, like the picture shows,  384x224 is not the same as 2560x 240
it's more reassuring to see the same resolutions...

Calamity wrote on a youtube video :
"The whole point of super resolutions is to avoid using long mode lists."
but the game's real resolution is not the same as the one written on switchres...

thank you explaing me.

@fred92, this is a recurrent question. 224p is basically 240p with black borders. So 224p is redundant. Switchres is doing the right thing.


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