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Introducing New (Enhanced) MaLa Game List Editor

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>I'm trying to create lists for like, trackball games or 4 player games

You could do that with romlister.  I'm not trying to hijack this thread, but doing what you want to do is exactly why romlister was born in the first place.

First of All great tool! :applaud:
An option to edit/adding the Genre/Players or other info for the roms would be nice....:angel:

I was just giving the mlgconverter a run through, converting my All Games mlg file. I know there's about 2600 entries in it, but the tool appears to get drastically slower as it worked through the list, clicking off the first hundred entries in just a few seconds, but my the time it got down about 2-400 entries in, each entry was taking more than a second.

Still, looks like a pretty handy app.

For anyone interested, these are the entries that you HAVE to have mlgconverter make a working mlg. The first two lines are the rom name as they appear in the directory. "description" is what you want to appear in the MaLa game list. romPath is the path to the folder that this rom is in, with trailing /. "extension" is just the rom extension, without period.


This works great, however there are some parms missing that are defined in Mala.

InputButtons:         Integer;
InputCoins:           Integer;
Year:                 Integer;
VideoWidth:           Integer;
VideoHeight:          Integer;


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