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Introducing New (Enhanced) MaLa Game List Editor

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Sorry for the delayed response markronz, I contribute to a boatload of open source projects.

Can you provide the steps to reproduce the problem? The exception: 'Sequence Contains No Elements' is a LINQ error which means the application is executing a query for which the query result is null.

In any event, if I can reproduce your issue then I'll be glad to fix it.


Yup, silly me... I was using Regular Expressions to pluck games from the database and they don't like ()[]\^. This bug should be resolved in v1.0.0.1 (link on main page).

Just an FYI that the link to the fixed version doesn't work.


--- Quote from: dexxy on October 16, 2011, 09:55:01 am ---Just an FYI that the link to the fixed version doesn't work.

--- End quote ---

Working fine here. In any event, I changed the link just in case. 

Any reason this wouldn't be able to display the controls or Players columns properly? I'm trying to create lists for like, trackball games or 4 player games, and when I select those columns, they show up completely empty. I have checked the mame.xml file and the data is there, it just doesn't show up in your editor.


Still looking for an answer.


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