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Started by flybynight - Last post by njz3

You need one video output port per monitor on your computer video adapter, and 1xvideoamp per monitor.
What would be your use case?

Started by nugarp - Last post by hyo2012

Hello? I am a Gun4ir user and I am interested in your hd-recoil application. However, there are difficulties in using it.

 After installing HD recoil with visual C check box, when I run start.bat, the application does not run.
It looks like can't find the location of the MAMEOutputsSocketIoInterOp.exe file.
The strange thing is that if you run start-minimized.bat, the application runs.
I edited config.json and entered the correct com port. And run app by start-minimized.bat.
App runs, However, my Gun4ir gun does not connected to app.
When running the game, the application says that the game is hooked, but gun4ir is still not connected.
If I run MAMEOutputsSocketIoInterOp.exe manually, It runs. But enter node index on powershell, It says 'could not find module memoryjs'

When using your old application node-game-output, gun4ir is connected. Don't know why. What should I do?
Can I load the app manually?  :)

3   Lightguns / Re: Big GUN4IR announcements!on Yesterday at 11:06:06 pm

Started by JayBee - Last post by TapeWormInYourGut

Big announcement for GUN4IR!
    Full analog stick support
This alone is a phenomenal surprise.

Started by Jakobud - Last post by Fursphere

You need a PAC Drive for this use case, not a PacLed64.

I'm using a PAC Drive to control a rather long LED strip in my Daytona USA Twin marquee.   It pulls power directly from the 12v on the PSU power supply (+), and then the negative wire (-) is wired to the PAC Drive to switch on an off.

If you want to see my LED strip array -,167512.msg1768246.html#msg1768246

5   GroovyMAME / Re: crt_emudriver stopping mid-scanline?on Yesterday at 11:51:28 am

Started by rogerxyz - Last post by haynor666

Please, read this -,148828.msg1638016.html#msg1638016


Please not that it's rather TVs problem not a modelines since such behavior I can observer on original SNES on my TV for example on Konami white logos last line ends in the midle.

In my case Sony TV was problem.

Started by flybynight - Last post by haynor666

yes you can contact me or NJZ3 ;)

I would interested but if this work on two CRT setup ?

Started by flybynight - Last post by frankrizzo2

Thanks for the solution! I'll give it a shot next time I turn the machine on.

8   Lightguns / Re: Big GUN4IR announcements!on May 21, 2024, 08:16:11 pm

Started by JayBee - Last post by JayBee

<last reserved space for later announcements>

9   Lightguns / Re: Big GUN4IR announcements!on May 21, 2024, 08:15:39 pm

Started by JayBee - Last post by JayBee

<Reserved for yet other later announcements>

10   Lightguns / Re: Big GUN4IR announcements!on May 21, 2024, 08:14:55 pm

Started by JayBee - Last post by JayBee

<Reserved for later announcements>
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