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Author Topic: SELLING: NEC XP29 Plus (same as XM29 Plus but better)  (Read 819 times)

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SELLING: NEC XP29 Plus (same as XM29 Plus but better)
« on: May 30, 2017, 11:06:31 pm »
Selling NEC XP29 Plus in Los Angles/San Diego, proper shipping an option as well. (XP not XM, P is better)

Youíve probably heard of the NEC XM29 Plus and it being arguably the best retro CRT you can get. These are XP29 plus, same but better, more rare, more signal range, so they can do 1024x768 @ 120hz instead of just 1024x768 @ 82.6hz youíd get from XM29 Plus.

They are all essentially the same monitors from the NEC line with this important difference:
XM29: 15.5-50.5KHz (needs remote)
XM29 Plus: 15.75KHz and 31-65KHz
XM29 Xtra: 15.75KHz and 31-70KHz
XP29 Plus: 15.75KHz and 31-95KHz (can do 1152 x870)
XP29 Xtra: 15.75KHz and 31-100KHz (can do 1152 x870)

Hereís a primer if youíre not familiar with this NEC line:

-=Whatís Happening, How?!=-

I will be picking up a bulk auction I won in Hollywood area from a major production rental company doing an large liquidation round on their older stock. I believe there are eight XP29 Plus CRTs in the lot, though some might be XM29 Plus or even XP29 Xtra. I plan to keep 1 for myself.
I'm not sure on the condition but this company's previous auction had all good condition monitors which all have been stored well and come their road cases; these being no different. Iíll get pictures and videos with test patterns and game play and do a thorough evaluation and calibration, for now this what I have:

Iíve tried by best figure out what a fair market price is. This is an extremely rare monitor, the XM29 and XM29 Plus are the closest youíll be able to find. I canít find any accounts of an XP29 Plus or XP29 Xtra being sold.

This regular XM29 was priced at around 820 US dollars and sold right away in January 2017, poster said ď... priced based on the last few I've seen sell on here.Ē
But I've heard of them being worth a lot more. This post someone saved from 16 months ago saw an XM29 plus (65KHz limit) sell for $1,125:

Asking around $850-950 each depending on condition.

With these you can get flicker-free edtv and dosbox gaming, get full lag compensation on a groovyMAME setup on games that go over 60Hz. Can run VGA up to the max you can get out of a CRT EmuDriver, and actually get the full 120Hz on 1024x768. Handles 240P up to 1280x1024 and everything in between.

I would love to sell Friday in LA and let you have first pick. (maybe saturday as well if I get enough requests) before moving them to store. I will have them in a UHual for Most of Friday in LA and likely travel down to San Deigo that night, I could even possibly deliver if you aren't too far out of the way.

If interested please Reply here and PM me with whatever details you can provide: date, time location, want road case or not.


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