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Title: Wiring and ground
Post by: HotDogg on August 27, 2002, 05:24:31 pm
In the planning phase of my CP.  Wondering how you guys deal with all the wires going to a common ground?  I'm thinking of going the I-PAC route.  My goal is to do something that dosen't look ghetto.  Do you wire into some sort of junction.  If you have any tips or part numbers that would be great.
Title: Re:Wiring and ground
Post by: MrArcade on August 27, 2002, 05:51:10 pm
There are 2 popular ways of doing cp wiring.  One is cheaper and requires soldering...the other costs more and requires you to buy connectors to slide onto the spades of the micros.

The cheap way is to solder the ground wire to a switch and then daisy chain it to the next switch....scrape off some insulation...solder it on...and on to the next.  

The more expensive way is to buy the terminal connectors and use thin enough wire that you can bare up the wire and fold it in half..then put it into the connector.  You can also cut the wire, bare both ends...then twist them and put them into the connector.  Again, you just daisy chain from ground to ground.  This makes swapping out a micre pretty easy.
Title: Re:Wiring and ground
Post by: HotDogg on August 27, 2002, 08:36:52 pm

Outstanding idea getting 2 wires into each connector didn't cross my mind.  Solder can be a pain for anything more than a couple connections.

Plus I can get 100 for $7.00 from so it definately won't break the budget.