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Title: making ROM lists in 2018
Post by: Khenemet Heru on October 09, 2018, 05:16:26 pm
Since the last time I had to update my lists for a new MAME was around 0.179, I have started fresh only to find that the tools I used, like ROMlister and Lightspeed MAMELister are no longer working very well due to the MESS integration "mess" that resulted over time (as I expected), and due to other changes that have been made to the ini/xml/dat formats the tools relied upon... 

In trying to get my set down to all the playable (even if slightly flawed) ROMs without completely broken or unplayable (i.e. Mechanical/Console/Computer/Calculator) ROMs, I find I can't trust that the old tools are giving me exactly what I'm trying to achieve. So I thought I'd ask what tools and methods people are using to make their lists/pare down their sets in this modern era?

I'm running Attract Mode as my frontend, I know that matters for output format.
Title: Re: making ROM lists in 2018
Post by: dgame on October 11, 2018, 11:20:11 am
ROMLister build 31.2
+ updates for MAME 162 XML formatting.  For now, I just convert it back to pre 162 formatting, in the future you will get a choice to do this or not.