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Title: MameWah as front-end for DOS MAME, lost key assignment for TAB
Post by: Dougmeister on November 08, 2017, 10:56:50 pm
The TAB key used to pull up a menu within a game in MAME. The documentation says "Toggles the configuration menu."

Now the button I had set for that function does not work. When I plug in a keyboard, the TAB still does nothing. By trial and error, I found that the HOME button brings up the configuration menu (where you can enable cheats, etc.)

I use a KeyWiz Max encoder, and the one I have does not map the HOME button.

1) Is it possible that someone, while playing it, somehow accidentally re-assigned the function of the TAB key to the HOME key?

2) More importantly, how can I get it back to normal? Thanks.

Edit: had to delete "Default.cfg" in the CFG folder.