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Title: Two trackballs with their own ID in linux groovymame (groovyarcade)
Post by: Edglaf on September 29, 2017, 11:36:44 am
I have two trackballs, one with a PS2 connector, the other is USB. No matter how I tweak the mame.ini file (setting mouse 1 or 0, multimouse 1 or 0 RE AUTOMATIC INPUT DEVICE ENABLE values etc) when I set the controls in ingame options, invariably any mouse is always recognised as mouse 1x and mouse 1y... so that any mouse/trackball is plugged in behaves as if they all were  the same mouse. How can I set a second mouse for player 2 with different ID?

The binary I am using is 0.186

After some googling I've learnt that you have to change some values in order to achieve the aforementioned intended results. It would be wonderful that you could to write those RAw options and setting MOUSE_1, MOUSE_2... in those *.xml files (or *.cfg¿?) in ctlr folder but, where is it located in linux Groovymame? I'm unable to find that folder.

Thanks for your help!