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Title: williams system 6 flipper wiring (i feex)
Post by: lilshawn on May 06, 2015, 02:53:59 pm
I have an old "scorpion" pinball (1980 system 6) we took on trade for doing some work.
it's cosmetically in okay shape but the wiring under the playfield has been butchered.
someone had taken it upon themselves to swap out some coils and then place the wires on in random spots.

I'm trying to get everything wired up how it should be and i've mostly got it (pretty standard stuff), just having some issues with a couple connections.

This pinball has 4 flippers (2 on the left and 2 on the right)

The upper playfield flippers are all standard wiring and I have those sorted out.

but the lower flippers are a little weird.

the flipper buttons only have a single switch with 1 wire going to the coil... so it looks like there is some normally open switches attached to the EOS as well. i believe these are to activate the upper flippers.

so there is a wire that goes from the lower to the upper flippers. Obviously i need to attach this wire to the NO switch to activate the solenoid when the lower solenoid is activated, cool, not a problem, but what does the other side of the switch attach to?

Do I just need to tag the other side of the switch onto the flipper button wire connection?  (to path it back to ground)

see pics at: (


okay, i managed to figure things out from a grainy photo someone posted on the internet.

it basically showed that the lead from the flipper button goes to the lug on the coil like normal, carries on to the switch (for bypassing the 4700 turn coil) and then is looped onto the switch that feeds over to the upper coil. (shown in my crude paint pic below as orange wire for simplicity)
Title: Re: williams system 6 flipper wiring (i feex)
Post by: lilshawn on July 31, 2015, 03:42:29 pm
just posting to add a tiny tidbit:

originally bought this pinball for ~$90 worth of cost of work on a jukebox.

spent about 8 or 9 hours on the machine getting it all working 100% again. @ 20 bucks an hour (my wage) $180... about 30 bucks worth of caps. (IE all of them) and 1 display IC ($2).

so all in, about 300 bucks...

flipped it for $950.

Title: Re: williams system 6 flipper wiring (i feex) - Scorpion issue
Post by: MalikyeMoon on March 17, 2016, 03:36:30 pm
Hi Friend,  I have a Scorpion that I am redoing and cannot find help with one very specific question anywhere (tried pinside, etc).  I replaced all 4 flippers (plate and all), and after doing so the upper right is not functioning.  Test shows the whole row is out.  I am certain it has to do with the routing of power thru that side tab in the upper right flipper's double stack EOS pile.  It obviously isn't passing power to the flipper and beyond to the rest of the row correctly.

do you have any pictures of that upper right flipper wiring closeup?  All I need is a picture clear enough to see all the wires on the EOS switch on that flipper and I can figure it out.  Been irking me for months.  Thanks for any help you can offer! 

Here is a link to the pinside forum post I included closeup pictures and details:
Title: Re: williams system 6 flipper wiring (i feex)
Post by: lilshawn on March 17, 2016, 05:23:40 pm
so both right side flippers aren't working or just the top?

if just the top, that flipper should have it's own power +50 volt wire attached to it. if you ground out the other lug does the flipper fire? if not, you need to locate the issue upstream from the coil because it should have 50 volts applied.

if so, your power is good and you need to check the switch stack on the lower right flipper to make sure it's getting connected to ground properly.

if you note on the pic i scribbled together... (the switch stack) one should be always closed, and the other always open (NC and NO)

when the lower solenoid fires it trips the switch stack, opening the closed one and closing the open one. the now closed switch (was open) takes that lead from the upper solenoid and connects it to ground through the other switch (and eventually through the activation button to ground)

(through the short brown wire on the pic connecting the 2 switches together.)

you may have ommitted the wire connecting the 2 stacks together.