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Title: Using Touchscreen in Vista
Post by: Dermbrian on September 29, 2009, 11:49:16 pm
1.  Select a supported resolution that is smaller than your maximum resolution.  Put that into jukebox.ini.

Width = 1280      
Height = 720

2.  At the end of jukebox.ini, change the Windows Graphics Driver option so that DWJukebox runs in windowed mode.

gfx_card = DXWN

3.  Get rid of the focus box in the last part of the DISPLAY section of jukebox.ini.

IconFocusBoxThickness = 0
TrackFocusBoxThickness = 0

This is working fairly well for me.  I got rid of the focus boxes because sometimes the selection buttons seem sluggish or take two or three presses.  When they actually look like they're depressing, they work.  But they can get the focus on a first touch and not move, so I choose to just not see the focus and press them till they work.  Clicking directly on the song title gives some strange behavior, too, like showing a song has been selected but not listing it in the upcoming queue screen. 

Kind of kludge, but I had no idea that even this level of touchscreen operation was possible under Vista until tonight. 

EDIT:  And oh, by the way, DWJukebox hates to give up the focus when run in this method.  On my PC, the music loops about the last 1/2 second of music until you go back to the program.