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Title: Linux Emulator Advocacy
Post by: zombie_ryushu on September 01, 2009, 10:57:49 pm
I'd like to note that while Emulator frontends like WahCade are absolutely essential to Linux based arcade systems, equally important are emulators to play these games.

While Linux for the most part covers most of the common ones, some applications leave improvement to be desired. Here is a list of platforms and the applications that run on them.

Here is what I have so far:

      NES/Famicom - fceu or mednafen (mednafen may be superior due to better Turbo, and supports the FF7 for NES ROM)
      Famicom Disk System - fceu or mednafen
      Super NES - snes9x-gtk
Game Boy Pocket - sdlmess gbpocket
Game Boy Color - VisualBoyAdvance or Mednafen
Game Boy Advance - VisualBoyAdvance or mednafen (mednafen may perform better?)
Super Game Boy - sdlmess (This is the only emulator that properly plays Super Gameboy games such as the first Pokemons in color.)
Nintendo 64 - mupen64plus
Atari 2600 - stella or sdlmess
Atari 5200 - sdlmess
Atari 7800 - sdlmess
Atari Lynx - mednafen
Sega Genesis - gens-gs
Sega 32x - gens-gs
Sega CD - gens-gs (fixed as of Release 7)
Sega Master System - xmess.SDL or osmose (dgen is broken)
Sega Game Gear - xmess.SDL
Sega Saturn - Yabause
Sony Playstation - ePSXe or pcsx (won't full screen)
Turbo Grafx 16 - hugo (maybe mednafen)
Commodore 64 - vice (Won't Full screen properly)
Amiga - UAE (won't exit properly) or E-UAE (No sound.)
Windows - wine
Linux games called from xdg-open

The thing is there are some platforms that just aren't availible on Linux, or the emulators for them are severely broken. Among these:

Amiga: Emulators for this exist, and run without much serious issue. But won't full screen or exit correctly.
Sharp X68000 - No emulator for this exists at this time. However, Windows Emulators will run under Wine, but there is lag.
PC88 and PC98 - Unknown
Atari Jaguar - The current iteration of Virtual Jaguar is unusable.
Playstation 1 - Good emulators for this exist, but OpenGL Plugin support has lagged behind and created serious bugs

I would like for all of you Linux supporters to rally support. Find more coders to work on these lost platforms.
Title: Re: Linux Emulator Advocacy
Post by: Arbee on September 18, 2009, 11:17:17 pm
Do try your favorites in SDLMESS 0.134 - the devs have been on a tear lately and you can do things like play Starfox with polygons :)
Title: Re: Linux Emulator Advocacy
Post by: GaryMcT on September 18, 2009, 11:19:21 pm
Maybe you guys could help me get a Linux setup that support either svgalib or the framebuffer driver for a modern ATI card.  I wouldn't mind doing some work on SDLMame to pull in some of the AdvanceMame features (running at the correct refresh rate, etc).  I don't mind coding, but I haven't touched Linux in a long long time and getting it configured for these sorts of things seems fairly undocumented these days.
Title: Re: Linux Emulator Advocacy
Post by: Arbee on February 22, 2010, 05:20:13 pm
To bring this up to date: MESS now has excellent X68000 support including joysticks and harddisks.
Title: Re: Linux Emulator Advocacy
Post by: GaryMcT on February 22, 2010, 06:07:16 pm
I'm still up for doing any code work to get something like AdvanceMame working (via SDLMame or otherwise) as long as someone else can document how to get a modern linux running on modern hardware with a low-level graphics driver (lke svgalib).  I don't have the patience for working through getting Linux to do this.  I can write code all day long though. :)