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Title: For Sale: HS2 Getaway in Cali
Post by: koolmoecraig on January 02, 2009, 09:45:22 pm
I'm sure I will regret it but I am selling my beloved HS2.  I'm not
desperate to sell but I could really use the room.

Cabinet has no fade that I can tell at all.  The graphics on the sides
are bright red, not the pink that you usually see.

Playfield has been polished to a high shine and deep luster.  It
really looks great.  There is no wear on the playfield.  There is some
chipping on the "4X" overlay but that is it. (complete sheet of new
overlays included)

All of the ball guides have been hand polished to a mirror finish.
The light really bounces around and makes the playfield feel a lot
more open.

Machine was shopped about 100 games ago.  The entire top of the
playfield was removed.  All of the plastics were polished with novus.
This is also when I did the polishing.  Obviously new rubbers were
installed along with all new light bulbs. All new start posts and
bumper caps too.

Brand new DMD display.

I have modded the game with custom flashing strobe lights on top and
two custom wired police cars on the playfield.  These all light up in
Multiball and Red Line Mania mode.  They also light up when achieving
an extra ball.  All of the mods are removable without leaving a mark.
They really look incredible during game play.

Another mod that I did is a key start button with a Lamborghini
keychain and a custom Lamborghini on the Supercharger with illuminated
headlights.  :)

The game plays fast and smooth.  Easily the best example of an HS2
that I have ever played.

Asking $2200.

$2000 without the mods.

Extensive photos and videos are available here: