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Title: 90% done
Post by: Flynn on June 28, 2002, 04:50:57 pm
hi all,

first off all, please excuse my bad english!

I'll let you know about my own frontend for my cab.

c/c++, SDL, some SDL libraries
5 categories (year of game)
keyboard led control (for the I-Pac with led)
MP3 playback
MPG movies as screensaver (form - with external program: vlc
detailed description about the game (from KLOV)
pictures: cab, marquee, snap, title, flyer

fill the description of the last 100 games
make the frontend useabe in an vertical cab
(maybe) add SNES, GENESIS, PC-Engine, ... games

... if anyone want to see some screenshots let me know how/where to send it

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