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Title: ATI All-in-Wonder 128
Post by: gajaman on March 18, 2002, 12:27:17 am
As much as I hate the "whats the best video card?" posts I'm about to purchase an ATI All-in-Wonder 128 for use in my cab and need a little reassurance - any reason why I shouldn't get this? :-/
Title: Re: ATI All-in-Wonder 128
Post by: aramis on March 18, 2002, 08:09:32 am
As long as it's a true ATI (not just a "Powered by ATI" knock-off), I say go for it. I have one, and the S-vid out to TV couldn't be easier to set up. The true ATI's have full-screen, centered TV display right out of the box, unlike "most" (non-VIVO) of the nVidia GeForce cards.

The only con to any ATI card is if you also want to use the DAPHNE laserdisc emulator...unless you feel like editing source code and compiling your own, DAPHNE prefers nVidia cards. They did create a workaround for the problem in ATI's drivers, but from what I've heard they might not be enabling this in future releases.
Title: Re: ATI All-in-Wonder 128
Post by: Steve Johnson on March 18, 2002, 03:37:09 pm
This is what I went with for a new mame box build just completed last week (the computer side at least...still have the cabinet to do).

The All-In-Wonder 128 Pro AGP works well right out of the box. I coupled this with a Toshiba 27A41 TV which has a width of less than 26" so it will fit in Lusid's cab plans which I am using as a starting template with a few mods.

If you have CompUSA in your neck of the woods, these cards are currently on sale combined with a $50 rebate which will make net cost of $79.99 + tax.

My kids have been banging away on this setup for the last several days in between asking me when the cp and cab will be done....


Title: Re: ATI All-in-Wonder 128
Post by: Mannix2 on March 19, 2002, 06:17:29 pm
I have used the ATI All in Wonder for over a year without a problem.  The catch for me in the set-up was to get the latest drivers.  Once I had those installed it was a cinch.  Go for it, you won't regret it.