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Title: Anybody want to try some "Pro Bono" variations on a theme?
Post by: bfauska on March 01, 2007, 08:08:35 pm
Hey, I totally understand if nobody is interested, but...

I am looking to add some CPOs to my two-piece CP.  I have built a single-player lap/desktop control panel, and am about to build an add-on player-2 unit that will connect by way of 25pin cable to the "master" player-1 control.

I thought it would be cool if the two boxes were different but with a unifying theme.  For example if one was batman and the other was robin, or one was pacman and the other was a ghost, or opposing characters from a fighting game.  My initial design for the 1-player unit was based on my wife's insistence that this hobby helped to prove that I was a dork, so I named it the DorkSticK and came up with a logo that I liked.  Now that there will be a second half to the controls I thought maybe it could be the GeekTroller, or NerdCade. 

The layout is shown below with my original boring artwork (both will be the same button/joy layout) and I have the drawing in autocad and PDF at full scale, but I don't know where to go from here.  I will probably try to come up with some more ideas on my own, but thought that some folks here may enjoy the concept and want to take a stab at it.

If the post title is unclear to anybody, pro bono means "free of charge" so I am looking for suggestions and/or finished art for free.  If you aren't interested in contributing, that's fine, don't.  If you think it could be a cool project to play around with that's great, please do.  I will probably continue this thread either way as I come up with ideas.

Thanks for looking,

Note about picture: the circles w/ x's in them are the cut out holes and the size of the rectangle is 11"w x 9"h


I don't know how to attach a full size vector drawing, but like I said I have a full size pdf, and the drawing originated in AutoCAD
Title: Re: Anybody want to try some "Pro Bono" variations on a theme?
Post by: bfauska on March 03, 2007, 08:48:39 pm
I came up with a few themes I may try to work with.

Since this hobby and the games are very much about keeping the arcades alive or bringing them back to life, I thought about a resurection or back from the grave/dead theme.  One box could be done with an evil dark zombie or ghoul look and the other could be some sort of spirit or good ghost.

The other idea is keeping with the geek/dork/nerd theme and adding a sports layer to it.  I thought that maybe a "Revenge of the Nerds" theme with one box being the Lambda, Lambda, Lambda "Nerd" box, and the other could be an Alpha Beta "jock" box. 

Third, is a "Wargames" theme.  I am not sure how to do something different for the two boxes with this one, but I have always loved that movie and the complete 80'sness of it.

Seperate from (or perhaps tied in) these ideas is the fact that I really love the look of images ghosted into the realistic looking new(ish) style of flames you see on hot-rods and bikes.  Maybe some classic arcade vilians ghosted into some red flames on one cp and some heros ghosted into white or blue flames on the other.

Anyway, some new ideas I am thinking about for my cp and maybe some that others would want to use on their cp.

I may actually come up with some sketches this weekend that I can add, we'll see.

Title: Re: Anybody want to try some "Pro Bono" variations on a theme?
Post by: BobbyG66 on March 09, 2007, 12:31:52 pm

1) What artwork do you have on your main CP?
2) You have alot of great ideas. I think you need to pick one before someone can give you some examples.

Title: Re: Anybody want to try some "Pro Bono" variations on a theme?
Post by: bfauska on March 09, 2007, 03:42:17 pm
My player 1 and 2 CPs as they are now:


I am planning on covering them both with some form of printed out art and then some plexi.

I think that I like the idea of resurrection the best.  It has the potential to be all dark and flamey maybe with some skulls and the like.  The problem with it is that I think I like the classics the best and most of those don't lend themselves to the death/back from the dead style. 

On the other hand, I would also be interested possibly in ( I know, you said narrow it down, not add more) a "Daraku Tenshi: The Fallen Angels" theme.  I just discovered this game and really enjoy the graphics and fighting moves, if I were to base it on a figher at all I think it would have to be this.

BUT.......... This could all be for nothing anyhow. I should be getting my guest room/theater back soon and then I think it's upright cabinet time.  We'll see.  I suppose even then it would be cool to have finished this project first.

Thanks for the input,