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Title: Wireless Remote Control
Post by: MrD on January 22, 2007, 10:48:57 am
Does anyone have any suggestions on a wireless remote control for thier DOSCab/WinCab? 

I'm currently using DOSCab and I have an IR wireless keyboard hooked up.  It's fine for the moment, but I think it will be a bit builky once I get the cabinet finished.   

I orginally thought that a learning remote would be able to learn the keyboard and it would be really easy.  Unfortunately, the frequences that this keyboard uses are out of the learning range of everything I've tried.   

I know I've seen some remotes before but they were for Windows and/or USB.  I'm looking for something really simple.  At most maybe 6-10 buttons.  Volume+/-, Mute, Skip song, etc.

I'm going to hardwire some buttons to my bar area but I was hoping for a wireless solution.   I could hack the wireless keyboard but then I have to figure out a case and buttons, etc.

Anyone have a better / simpler solution?
Title: Re: Wireless Remote Control
Post by: MrD on January 23, 2007, 09:39:04 am
I think I have found my own answer to my own problem.    After a lot of searching I found a website:

According to their website, you can take a One For All remote control and through a JP1 cable, program it to do all kinds of things.   You can basically reprogram the internals with other IR device codes that weren't orginally in them.    Not all One For All remotes have a JP1 port, but happily I have a couple that do.   

The keyboard that I'm using is a Micro Innovations SK7100 which is supposed to be the same as a Lite-On Airboard SK7100.   I was able to download all the codes for the entire keyboard.   So once my JP1 cable gets here, I should be able to reprogram my remote control and it will not only control the TV, DVD, VCR, X10 lighting but also my DOSCab Jukebox. 
The other advantage is, I can now add many of the features that I wanted in my jukebox without actually having to have a button for them  (volume, mute, delete song, etc.)  and that will simplify my control panel.

I'll post an update if I make any progress.
Title: Re: Wireless Remote Control
Post by: Karaokedude on January 24, 2007, 10:16:19 am
Sounds good def worth a go

look forward to the progress report
Title: Re: Wireless Remote Control
Post by: JustMichael on January 24, 2007, 07:55:53 pm
I can vouch for OneForAll remotes and the usb JP1 cord.  I have been able to add devices codes to the URC-8910 remote that weren't there originally in it to control stuff (lcd tv, dvd player, Hauppauge MVP, JVC bookshelf stereo system, RCA video selector).  Yes, the 8910 can learn BUT the learned codes take up way more memory than device codes.  For learning, the remote remembers like this: send a pulse, wait xx long, send another pulse, wait some more, etc until the button pressed is completely transmitted.  Using the learning function, my remote could only hold about 12 buttons or so.  Making device codes, the remote can hold MUUUCH more.  It is like telling the remote to use code 'Z' and transmit 'Volume Up'.  I have never tried to emulate an IR keyboard but I don't see why you couldn't.
Title: Re: Wireless Remote Control
Post by: MrD on January 24, 2007, 09:29:27 pm

After doing some reading at that site,  it says that keyboards are a bit different because it has to transmit a "key pressed"  AND a "key released" code to the keyboard receiver.   Supposedly you can do it with the JP1 even though you can't "learn" the same codes.   I have the 8910 as well and a 8820.  When I've learned keys in the past it's just like you said, I'd run out of space. 

Now if the postman would deliver my cable, I'd be all set.