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Title: PowerMame 105 and GPWiz49 Question
Post by: KrazyKaycee on June 27, 2006, 08:07:27 pm
Howdies all

   First off thanks MikeQ for making a great frontend that controls the GPWiz49 controllers and adjusts them per game.  I have a silly question regarding controller setup in the game options area.   I see that there is a check box to enable joystick control and then below that is a section on the Digital side of things controlling Joystick 0 and 1.   I've been leaving these unchecked but was curious as to when those come into play and what its function is with regards to the 49 way controllers.   Is it something that I should enable as well for better control or is it for something else that I'm not thinking of ?

Thanks for your time