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Title: Put a Monitor sideway - will that damage it?
Post by: hyiu on April 09, 2002, 03:21:32 pm
Hi All:

I have a question and would like some opinions...
I'm in the process of designing a cabinet... and I am pretty sure I'll use a Sony 17" computer monitor for the cabinet.  (I know its not big, but that's what I have and it'll have to be...)  now, for fighting games that uses most of the screen, its ok... but for most shooting games, if I rotate the monitor, it'll be a much bigger screen !!!....

Since I'm a newbie on this, I've decided NOT to take out the case of the monitor....  (because I don't want to kill myself or damage the monitor...)  It'll be mounted more or less upright (maybe just a slight upward angle...)

now... if I keep the monitor on its side... will I put permanent damage on it ??  Anyone has tried ??

I would appreciate any input... Thanx....
Title: Re: Put a Monitor sideway - will that damage it?
Post by: delta88 on April 09, 2002, 03:46:16 pm harm will have to degaues it..some say that if you leave it alone on its side for a while then turn it on it will be fine..well.. i have never been able to get this to I made My own degausing coil from one I got out of a old pc tube.....go to to see my write up.......
Title: Re: Put a Monitor sideway - will that damage it?
Post by: mattv on April 12, 2002, 05:37:30 am
Leaving a monitor on it's side shouldn't cause any permanent dammage but it will almost certainly go funny colors after a while. For this reason you will need to degauss it from time to time.

Some monitors degauss automaticly when you turn 'em on, others have a button / on screen display setting to do it. Or you could do as delta88 suggests and build a degausing coil.

you should remember that monitors are not really designed to be used on their sides and very cheap ones will go pretty colours very fast - requiring frequent degaussing. If you aren't sure try it now, put your monitor on its side for a bit and watch it to see how long the colours take to mess up. They will gradualy go back to normal when you put it up the right way again. You won't hurt it (unless you drop it or something :-) and will know what to expect
Title: Re: Put a Monitor sideway - will that damage it?
Post by: hyiu on April 12, 2002, 07:56:40 am
thanks guys,

since there should be no permanent damage, when I have a chance, I'll leave it sideways and play it for a while and see how long before funny color appears...

Title: Re: Put a Monitor sideway - will that damage it?
Post by: Tehrasha on April 12, 2002, 12:02:34 pm
The only problem I can see you might have, and I stress 'might' is heat pooling.   Most computer monitors are built on the concept of convection ventalation.  ie: heat rises.

For instance, the monitor I am using now, has -zero- holes in the sides to ventilate heat, only in the top and bottom.  This monitor also has some circuitboards which stand vertically along those sides.  So if I were to rotate the monitor 90 degrees, the board that would now be the 'top' would be sitting in all the heat generated by the other board and powersupply as well.

While this heat will probably not cause any immediate damage, it can easily shorten the useful life of some parts.  Just keep an eye on it.  Judge the warmth of the monitor case for yourself, if it feels toastier than usual, you may want to stick an el-cheapo CPU fan to the monitor case.   Just enough to move some air, doesnt need to blow the monitor over. :)

Taking the plastic shell off the monitor may not be as dangerous as you think.  Many monitors, especially the larger ones have insternal metal shielding to keep you from zapping yourself (and kill rf emmisions from bleeding out the back).  In my cabinet, I pulled the plastic off of the 19" monitor and gained nearly 2 inches of side to side clearance, and an inch of depth as well.