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Title: JAMMA to TV
Post by: Venger on April 12, 2002, 03:48:37 am
I posted a wlittle while back and got no replies, so I'm posting a similar post in hopes that someone can help me.

I've got a NeoGeo 1 slot MVS board(old style) and an RGB to Svideo video converter board.  I've got everything wired up, I get stereo sound, my sticks work, but I'm having video problems. Sometimes the video is perfect - except that everything seems to have a red tint to it. The real problem is that the video seems to lose sync or something. It jumps, rolls, and/or becomes wavy. I've checked and rechecked my wiring, and it's right. Has anyone else had similar trouble getting an arcade board to work on thier TV?
Title: Re:  JAMMA to TV
Post by: Zipper on April 12, 2002, 04:01:28 am
I've not had exactly the same problems, but similar with my supergun.
Some games just have too many vertical lines for a television to display, and so the image on the screen is crushed and skewed at the top.
I have not had colour or sync problems. I would immediatly say it's the wiring, but you say that is definatly ok, and that some of your games work fine.....
Have you tested the MVS system on a proper arcade monitor? If not, maybe some of your games are corrupted or the main board has a fault?
Good luck with it!
Title: Re:
Post by: WFH on April 12, 2002, 10:35:40 am
I have two Neo Geo boards, but I haven't tried them with a TV.  You may want to try posting this on the RGVAC board, the link is near the top of this page.
Title: Re:  JAMMA to TV
Post by: Venger on April 14, 2002, 12:48:26 pm
Sorry for not posting a response to your replies sooner. If anyone is interested I found out what was wrong with my NeoGeo board. There is a modification that you can do to the NeoGeo MVS to allow it to display on very old monitors that don't have a negative/positve sync switch. This mod was done to the board I have and now it won't work with the TV.