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Title: Doscab resolution problem
Post by: spongebue on August 27, 2005, 09:49:21 pm

I'm trying to get doscab working on a very odd piece of hardware, the Ricoh G-1200S (  Don't worry, the link is old and I didn't pay $1300 for it ;)

The problem I'm having is this: I'll copy the files onto the hard drive, edit the resolution in Jukebox.ini to 640x480, and run doscab.exe (I'm in a command prompt from Windows 95 at this time)  It takes a second to load, and then stops and says it cannot change to 640x480.  I checked, and know for sure that it is able to do 640x480, as that is its resolution in the command prompt.  Does anybody have any suggestions to get this running?  I'm kind of stuck with DOS at the moment, as I cannot install a GUI without the install freezing on me, unfortunately :(

Any help is appreciated.

Title: Re: Doscab resolution problem
Post by: Chris on August 29, 2005, 03:23:07 pm
Is your desktop set at 256 colors?  DOSCab needs at least 15 or 16 bit color available in the requested resolution.