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Title: Crappy white!
Post by: *ShAgGy* on August 18, 2005, 10:24:14 am
Hey guys....couldnt find my last post but i got the monitor in!! speacial thnx to Ash...Housewares

but anyway

my monitor is displaying the a shocking white well lack of
i dont seem to have a real rich white,
ive tryed all brightness (panel and Coil)
and so far so bad
would it be my Chassis?
its a Kortek if that could help!

any help would be great


Title: Re: Crappy white!
Post by: RetroACTIVE on August 18, 2005, 05:17:26 pm

I think its a general problem with the monitor.  I have the same issue... white seems to be brown-ish.  I'm no expert on the matter by any means but it seems as if the monitor is designed for images that have "arcade behavior".  So very bright static images like a Windows window... seem to be difficult for it.

However... when I ordered the Kortek, the first one I got was not in a Betson box and appeared to be re-packaged.  It was missing an AC power cord and the monitor bracket on the right side was mangled (interestingly the box was not damaged).  This monitor had horrible white quality.  I thought it may have been banged up, repacked and returned to factory and resold.  Turns out it was... Betson sent me a replacement and the new one does not have nearly the brown-white that my first unit did.
Title: Re: Crappy white!
Post by: Ken Layton on August 18, 2005, 06:06:02 pm
Monitors don't like the jostling around they get in shipment. Sometimes the picture tube gets damaged internally. If you bought a brand new monitor then it's under warranty or also the shipping company should be contacted for hidden damage and a claim filed.