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Title: Super Soccer Electro-Mechanical Pinball Fun
Post by: mahuti on November 14, 2004, 11:10:10 pm
A friend of mine asked me if I wanted a pinball machine over 2 years ago. He strung me along the entire time. I FINALLY got to go pick it up this weekend. His mother-in-law had it in her basement, and it took her that long to get their basement picked up enough for me to take it out.

I was amazed at how good its condition was, the playfield & backglass are very vivid and almost all of the lights & features work.

When I turned it on, it didn't work. A few fuses, and some cleanup on the score reels & motors, and it's about 90%. I have a few minor things to take care of, but all in all its pretty good. Now I just have to find some good pinball links.