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Title: Eygo Monitors (SnaaKe?) good for all games?
Post by: jjc on September 03, 2002, 05:05:07 pm
Anyone with Eygo monitors - I am considering getting one of these after playing with TV-Svideo...

OK, the specs on an Eygo say max = 640x480.  My question - can regular MAME or WINMAME pretty much work out of the box with this monitor - with -NOKA and -effect sharp and FILL THE ENTIRE SCREEN?  I can do this with my TV output of my either GeForce or ATI card, but I hate the picture.  My only concern is that the Eygo can't show ALL of the games (meaning just about all of them).  Like I said I can pretty much get ALL of the games I have tried to fill the screen on the TV (but yes, blurry).  I am looking to get crystal clear arcade-quality picture.
Title: Re:Eygo Monitors (SnaaKe?) good for all games?
Post by: electricd on September 03, 2002, 08:14:24 pm
If you can get a working EYGO, then they are great.  They look pretty much like a "real" arcade monitor, and blow away any S-Video setup I have ever seen.  Games can be played in full screen right out of the box on them.  My experience with the EYGO is at 640X480 at 60Hz (max).  It looks awesome, and all games play fine on it (at least all that I play).  Plus with the price of these things being so low, you can afford to buy 2 for 1/4 the price of a WG!  The only thing I caution is if you are going to have one of these puppies shipped from NY to you, be prepared for a headache and a long wait.  34 days AFTER my credit card was dinged, I recieved the monitor.  Not to mention I had to schedule the pickup and delivery on my own as Jim REFUSED to be any part of shipping.  Anyway, that is my 2 cents.

Title: Re:Eygo Monitors (SnaaKe?) good for all games?
Post by: jjc on September 03, 2002, 09:33:09 pm
Hey Electricd7,

Why do you say - "If you can get it working?"

Can I do just what I do with my TV out which is:

-noka and -resolution 640x480

With this command line options, it seems to ALWAYS fill the entire screen and it looks good.   Can this be done with the Eygo?
Title: Re:Eygo Monitors (SnaaKe?) good for all games?
Post by: electricd on September 04, 2002, 12:03:35 am
Yea its no different.  I have just heard that a lot of people have had problems with thier EYGO monitors.  Mine worked good however.

Title: Re:Eygo Monitors (SnaaKe?) good for all games?
Post by: Malenko on September 04, 2002, 04:02:38 am
the problem was the shippers were breaking them during delivery, and even if they arrived working they sometimes broke. mine works peachy. I use Win32 Mame (MAME32) so I dont use command lines, but I set the res at 640x480 no scanlines or any crap like that......

Whats -noka do?
Title: Re:Eygo Monitors (SnaaKe?) good for all games?
Post by: SNAAAKE on September 04, 2002, 04:22:25 am
well..since  the thread has my name on it..i should provide more info.

STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THE 27" onces from babylon ny.

you will regreat if you do plan on getting one.however,if you can pick one up then great.test it then take it.

they look awsome,any game fills whole screen,can read anything ever,you can even use it to play pc games and surf the internet if you more little detail>>>

OH MY GOD ! ! ! .....dreamcast looks amezing.....its nothing like you have ever seen in your entire life.just crezy...i am sure you will start crying after you see dreamcast on these monitors,using vga box ofcourse.

however,there are tiny bit difference between the 19" and 27"...   27" seem to be little bit fuzzy.and 19" is crystal clear.
i have 19",i bought brand new so its still working.too bad i am not lucky enough to have a 27".i dont even need that big to be honest because i am the only one playing most of the time and it fits perfectly for my setup.

anyone thinking about adding a dreamcast,i suggest you get a vga switch box so you can switch between PC and DREAMCAST.dont be dumb and turn pc and dreamcast on together.that will blow out the monitor by drawing too much switch when the monitor is off.

every and i mean every game i played worked great.i play pc games most of the cant look any better i believe.i even got a ps2 hooked up and looks great.ps2 dont output vga signal so dont expect to be in heaven like if you were using a dreamcast.

good luck and remember  "think twice before taking a chance with any used/refb/rebuilt monitors"

go with brand new 19".its somehow bigger then any 19" or 21" tv tube....very odd...but i am one happy gamer with the monitor.
Title: Re:Eygo Monitors (SnaaKe?) good for all games?
Post by: jjc on September 04, 2002, 09:10:58 am
-noka is No Keep Aspect Ratio.

I was intending to use the 27" TV for all games and especially since the vertical games would be as big on this as a 19" mounted vert.  However, after trying -noka where it stretches it horizontally to fill the screen, I am perfectly happy with that.  That all may change with the bezel thing which I haven't tried yet, but until then, -noka is cool.