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Title: Fuzziness?
Post by: Buzz on August 05, 2002, 07:15:21 pm
Has anyone else had a problem with overall fuzziness on the picture of their TV?

I am using:

        Goldstar (Hitachi) 25" TV, with the composite hookup to video the picture was superb.

        ATI Rage 128 Pro w/TV out

I haven't hooked up the R G B and sync cables because I don't know where to locate them on my television, but the picture I get from the setup above is VERY fuzzy. I can barely read text in DOS let alone in Windows. Is this common or where have I gone wrong?

      I was reading about building converters, would this make a difference or is it my TV out card? I do have a reasonable understanding of electronics, so the more details here, the better..... ??? ???
Title: Re:Fuzziness?
Post by: MameFan on August 05, 2002, 11:10:04 pm
(Not a flame---just a warning if I understood your message right) If you're talking about hacking into a Television set's circuit board hoping to find the place to run analog RGB + Composite Sync in, you better have more than just a reasonable understanding of electronics.

I've only hacked ONE computer monitor to have analog RGB (a Commodore 1902A built by maganavox lacking analog RGB, but having digital RGB) and posted the results to Usenet last month.  I havn't dared try others just yet.

You need to use an isolation transformer and likely will need to cut components out of circuit, and also get amplifcation or cut-down resistance to get the signal levels just right should you actually find the hack points.

Again, if I misunderstood your message, I apologize. I just dont want to see anyone hurt playing around the inside of TV's/Monitors!
Title: Re:Fuzziness?
Post by: tom61 on August 06, 2002, 12:24:54 am
TVs are fuzzy in general, worst is one connected using Composite. S-Video is better, RGB is better yet for connecting a TV, but a VGA monitor is better than most every TV, for veiwing text anyway.

If you're in the US you won't be able to find RGB ports on your TV, as most TVs don't have RGB inputs.  The exceptions are HDTVs, but even those tend to have only component video.
Title: Re:Fuzziness?
Post by: Buzz on August 06, 2002, 02:25:50 am
Yeah, I know that composite is fuzzy in general and RGB is best, but what I was seeing seemed exceptionally bad. I was curious if anyone had enough experience with different cards etc that they had noticed one that was better...I wanted to be able to read ArcadeOS frontend is usable currently...

The second part to my question was that I had seen on arcadecontrols (

some discussion about NOT using composite and hooking instead the VGA output to the R G B, and sync leads of the television than easier said than done type of thing? Or is it dependent on how well your television PCBs are labeled?

I was also curious about this vga-to-tv converter, any ideas? Or am I going in the wrong direction?

A lot of stuff here, hopefully this will clear things up, thanks for your replies.....