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Title: GroovyMame loading time on Windows 10 x64 2004
Post by: alex2005 on December 11, 2020, 04:28:47 am

I've finally managed to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 in my cabinet.
Everything is working flawlessly, the only thing I noticed is that Groovymame takes too long to load, between 12-15 seconds.

I am on Windows 10 2004 (latest update)

When I run a verbose log, I notice it gets stuck in this line for about 10 seconds, and afterwards the game loads just fine:


This only happens with MAME, other emulators work just well.

This is what I did in my initial setup:

- Installed Windows 10 and upgraded
- Installed official AMD drivers
- Installed CRT Emudriver on top

I thought it might have something to do with the AMD drivers, so I then ran DDU uninstaller, and then installed only CRT Emudriver, but the issue still persist.

If I uninstall AMD drivers and CRT Emudriver, the issue is fixed.

On my previous setup on Windows 7 this worked just fine.

I attach a log, I see a lot of "locked" modes, not sure this is related.

Is this a known problem, or is there anything I could do to fix it? I'm wondering if this could be a Windows 10 issue, or a MAME issue, or a combination of both :)

Thanks a lot!
Title: Re: GroovyMame loading time on Windows 10 x64 2004
Post by: Phreakwars on December 11, 2020, 06:20:17 am
Not sure if this is a related issue, but I have seen this type of behavior before in a couple laptops. What the issue was is Windows 10 drivers were unavailable so the only ones to use were Windows 7 ones in compatibility mode. The only "fix" for it was to downgrade the OS. Maybe that's the issue, maybe not, but I'm curious why you'd want to upgrade the OS on an arcade cabinet in the first place. Maybe I'm just a Windows 7 fan boy, but I've always had better luck with that OS over Windows 10 when it comes to arcades. More customizable as well.
Title: Re: GroovyMame loading time on Windows 10 x64 2004
Post by: psakhis on December 11, 2020, 06:49:32 am
Yes, i don't understand why W10 it's better for arcade cabinet nowadays if motherboard have w7 support, obviously for newers cpu's isn't trivial thing.

Some objective reasons:
1) You can disable desktop composition / aero functions (reduce input lag latency?) I think isn't possible with W10
2) No updates concern (maybe with W10 LTSC  neither?)
3) Switchres it's more fast i think (i can not verify)
4) I believe there are no W10 emulators only (the same support than W7)
Title: Re: GroovyMame loading time on Windows 10 x64 2004
Post by: alex2005 on December 11, 2020, 07:28:31 am
Thanks guys for the support!

I've done some research and found out that I am not the only one having this issue in the last version of Windows.

Somehow I've managed to solve the issue, I just uninstalled CRT emudrivers (I had version 2.0 beta 15-18.5.1) and installed a previous version (beta 11-16.2.1) and this has fixed it.

I guess I had some conflicts with the official AMD drivers installation and CRT emudriver on top, who knows, just wanted to share just in case someone else faces the same problem.

Thanks god I didnt have to go back to a previous Windows 10 version.
I've been using Windows 7 for the last 3 years and everything there worked just flawlessly. I had kept an image of the system just in case I had to go back :)
I still prefer W7 overall, but wanted to try out W10 to see if it was worth it.
So far, W7 is a bit faster and seems less troublesome :)
Title: Re: GroovyMame loading time on Windows 10 x64 2004
Post by: R-Typer on February 15, 2021, 03:31:13 pm
With the release of new GroovyMAME 0.228 this slow startup time is no more. At least for my setup.

I had slow startup with 18.5.1 CRT Emudriver on all GroovyMAMEs so far from 0.196. All were slow and took around 10 seconds to start.

Now with 0.228 and switchres 2.0 startup is fine.

I use windows 10 2004 x64 with CRT Emudriver 18.5.1 beta15