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Title: AMI Rowe MM4 Jukebox question
Post by: Watsonic on February 11, 2019, 06:06:57 pm
H, I'm new to this forum and I am working on an MM4.  I'm reading the manual and reviewing the schematics.  According to the literature there should be 12 inch bass speaker somewhere in the unit.  Where is this located?  I haven't torn it all apart but it clearly isn't in the phono and chassis cabinet.  Any help is appreciated.  Watt
Title: Re: AMI Rowe MM4 Jukebox question
Post by: ami-man on February 12, 2019, 07:21:46 am
Hi Watt,

The 1970 MM-4 Trimount is like a number of the other Rowe Ami jukeboxes from this period.
You should find an eccess panel on the back of the jukebox, these can be screwed up with several screws that need to be removed.

A few other jukeboxes had to have the front speaker panel removed to get to the speaker/speakers.
Why do need to get to the speaker?


Alan Hood
Title: Re: AMI Rowe MM4 Jukebox question
Post by: Watsonic on February 12, 2019, 10:44:04 am
Hi Alan and thanks for the response.  The only reason I need to get to the speaker is to verify it is in circuit and that it is in good condition.  I don't plan on removing it.  The previous owner said "it needs new speakers".  I checked the small side speakers and they look fine.  My guess is the speakers are fine and the amp has distortion from bad capacitors, tubes or other components.  the only component I have changed so far (1000uF on the junction box) leaked at 25V so I don't expect the other electrolytics to be any better.  Time will tell.  According to the manual, the bass speaker is 12 inches.  I just didn't see where it could possibly fit.  My unit has the Mediteranian front panel and silver crown grille.  The unit is complete but I don't want to power it up until I take care of the electrolytics and test the resistors.  All those transformers look expensive.  Can you tell me exactly where the bass speaker access panel is located (top, bottom etc).  The manual does not have a diagram showing it's location.  Thanks for your time, Watt.
Title: Re: AMI Rowe MM4 Jukebox question
Post by: Watsonic on February 17, 2019, 11:57:52 pm
Thanks AMI-MAN, I found the panel on the bottom back.  I removed the panel and found the 12 inch speaker.  It appears to be in like new condition without any damage.  voice coil does not rub and no evidence of rodents or insects having resided there.  I also removed the back top metal panel and the two upper speakers appear undamaged also.  I began recapping the amplifier and replacing out of tolerance resistors.  All the electrolytics I've removed so far have drifted above 10 percent and show leakage at their rated working voltage or lower.  The ceramic coated paper caps fared better and are OK.  I'll most likely replace them anyway.  About 60 percent of the carbon comp resistors are well above their values (20-30 percent).  Fun project so far.