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Title: rowe cd100e jukebox little to no sound on one channel
Post by: sondowner120 on January 19, 2019, 06:11:40 am
have been redoing a rowe cd100e jukebox..
one channel is playing strong while other channel is weak and static... I checked the wiring from output transformers the black is on e1 and pink on e7 on one side and purp on e7 on other should be...
when I switch the pink and purple wires to opposite side the problem follows the purple wire (side) is the side with no power.....   my knowledge of what this means ends there.... what is the issue? amp? or crossover? or ???
Title: Re: rowe cd100e jukebox little to no sound on one channel
Post by: lilshawn on April 29, 2019, 11:43:44 am
sorry for the delay in response. there is a general rowe info thread that most of us juke repair people are subbed to so we see issues as they are posted. random posts like this can easily get lost.

typically the output transistors get blown in the amp and the fuses on the driver board blow. you must purchase a matched set of transistors to replace the ones in the amp. if you remove the amp and turn it around, you'll see 2 small square boards. these are the driver boards. they each drive 2 transistors attached to the big heatsink. if you take a look at these small square boards and find the one with the blown fuse(s) on it... these will be the side with the 2 blown transistors on it. replace both of the big transistors and the fuese and generally that fixes them.

if the driver boards have cooked traces on it from short overload from the transistors blowing... it's going to be a bit more complicated to repair. generally you'd just replace the whole driver board and the 2 transistors and not mess with trying to fix the driver board. ideally you would replace both driver boards as new boards perform better than the old ones.

hope this helps.